Public Sector

Public Agencies continuously review the state of their infrastructure to identify roadways or roadway segments in need of corrective measures. LaBelle Marvin is pleased to offer on-call pavement engineering services in the form of as-needed testing, analysis, rehabilitation design and specifications.

Construction logistics, potential disruption to the general public, and funding restraints place a high priority in combining cost effective solutions with reduced delays. Assessment of the immediate and future needs of the pavement network therefore takes on an increased importance.

Providing our public sector with accurate information and alternative recommendations ensures selection of cost-effective long-term solutions meeting informed budgetary criteria. Verifying the appropriate cost-effective rehabilitation method, while enhancing long term performance, typical pre-design investigations utilize a combination of our latest technology including deflection strength testing, pavement coring, laboratory testing, and traffic use projections to develop appropriate structural needs and reinforcement requirements based upon the California Highway Design Manual for Flexible Pavement and Roadway Rehabilitation.

Deflection Testing (CA Test Method 356)

  • In Place Strength Testing
  • Structural Reinforcement Alternatives
  • Pavement Life Projections
  • Soils Modulus
  • Impact Haul Studies

Pavement Coring and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR Scanning)

  • Pavement Thickness Mapping
  • Rapid Measuring and Reporting
  • As-Built Verification
  • High Accuracy

Laboratory Analysis

  • Soil Strength Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Component Analysis
  • Material Testing and Design
  • Stabilization Design
  • Reclamation and Recycling Designs