For the past 50+ years, LaBelle Marvin, Inc. has provided full-service pavement engineering services specializing in the testing, analysis and design of public and private roadways throughout the westerly United States. Located in Southern California, headquartered in the City of Santa Ana, California, our strength lies in our accredited soils and asphalt concrete materials laboratory, experienced field and laboratory staff, specialized pavement testing equipment, and the expertise of our multidiscipline engineering department.

Our staff continues to seek like-minded people seeking employment in a highly professional engineering firm specializing in the construction industry related to the testing, analysis and design of asphalt concrete roadways, highways, runways, commercial properties and private communities.

Open Positions

If you’re interested in becoming an integral part of our team, please contact our office for engineering, technical, laboratory and construction inspection positions available.

The Entry Level Technician is responsible for assisting Senior Technicians in the field and laboratory on pavement investigations and asphalt concrete construction projects. Tasks include sampling soils, aggregates, concrete, asphalt concrete, and other construction materials in the field. The Entry Level Technician may include data entry, reporting, laboratory testing, and field testing tasks. Entry Level Technicians shall be trained by staff.

The Senior Technician is responsible for performing testing of soils, aggregates, concrete, asphalt concrete, and other construction materials in the field and laboratory. The Senior Technician shall be responsible for performing ongoing construction inspection services related to asphalt concrete paving projects. The Senior Technician receives supervision from the staff engineers, Laboratory Quality Assurance Manager and the Laboratory and Field Supervisor.