Pavement Engineering

Labelle Marvin offer several levels of pavement evaluations from visual pavement review to our in-depth pavement investigation services, including in-place non-destructive deflection Testing (FWD), forensic testing, and materials testing.

Labelle Marvin ensures all construction alternatives and design criteria’s are explored and benefits defined. These elements are increasingly critical as traffic volumes increase, budgets are limited, and pavement life is often required to extend beyond the original design period.

Structural Investigations

Structural Investigations, often warrant the combination of our visual reviews with forensic testing. These “project level designs” utilizes our higher precision equipment, such as non-destructive or in-place strength testing, pavement core sampling, and laboratory testing, as needed.

Visual Reviews

Our Visual Pavement Evaluations, best suited at a “network level”, is research driven and provides an overall perspective to the complexity of each project.

Expert Witness

Forensic Investigations often are the result of construction or performance disputes. LaBelle Marvin, Inc., provides expert witness during settlement proceedings involved with testimony, mediation and arbitration, deposition, and trial.


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