Materials Laboratory

Founded in 1969, LMI sets the standard for asphalt concrete design, testing, and analysis. Our experienced staff has been working with local refineries, rock quarries, material plants, local contractors, and local and state agencies for over 40 years. This enables our staff to define or modify testing methods to meet future requirements with confidence. Our in-house laboratory is overseen by our engineering staff ensuring that all testing is performed timely and accurately, exceeding established standards.

Local and State Certified

Our certified staff actively participates within technical organizations of the Asphalt Pavement Association, AAPT, American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Standard Specifications for Public Works "Green Book Committee" of the Southern California American Public Works Association and has participated in the Caltrans Round Robin Testing Program for the past 20 years. This State funded program verifies the standard of accuracy required by the State and is met by highly distinguished firms.

Soils and Aggregate Base
  • Maximum Density
  • Optimum Moisture
  • R-Values
  • Sieve Analysis
  • CBR
  • Stabilized Soils
  • Palsticity Index
Asphalt Concrete
  • Mix Designs
  • Density Testing
  • Non-Volatile
  • Wet Track Abrasion Tests
  • Stability Tests
  • Binder Testing
  • Open and Dense Graded Asphalt
Portland Cement Concrete
  • Flexural Strengths
  • Slump Testing
  • Mix Design Review

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