Falling Weight Deflectometer

Our Falling Weight Deflectometer, or FWD, is a non-destructive test method for determining pavement rehabilitation requirments. The deflection based strength measurements obtained with our equipement are utilized for roadway rehabilitation, pavement life projections, acceptance of completed construction projects, and the measurement of the vehicular impacts from traffic detours.

LaBelle Marvin, Inc. has utilized Deflection Testing, CA Test Method 356, since 1971 with the evolution of the several Road Rators and now since added the latest Falling Weight Deflectometer equipment.

How it works....

Our equipement produces an impact loading, or kips, which is recorded through the ten motion sensors located at regular distances from the source load. All sensors measure the amount of deflection through the full load cycle. The measurement of movement is known as the deflection value. Deflection values for each tested segment or roadway are then calculated, analyzed, and engineered by LMI per Caltrans Test Method 356.

LaBelle Marvin Inc.'s JILS Falling Weight Deflectometer is equipped with Ground Penetrating Radar (GRP), a truck mounted Global Positioning System, pavement temperature sensors, and two color cameras. The data gathered in the field, by our qualified technicians, are electronically recorded at each test location to ensure the highest accuracy.

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